We must recruit and retain staff, both teachers and support staff to address the academic, social and emotional needs of our students. To have successful students we must invest in families to include early childhood and parenting education.

  • Equitable education and resource opportunities for all children K-12 in Baltimore County

  • Recruit and retain staffing to ensure increased academic achievement and address the social and emotional needs of students

  • Establish family and student support program   

  •  Provide access to resources


Small businesses employ over 50% of Maryland’s private workforce.  I will advocate for policies that support small and minority owned businesses. 

  • We must pass rational policies that level the playing field for small and minority owned businesses and provide opportunities for them to succeed. 


We must utilize data to be transparent in our decision making, smart in our acquisition of goods and services, and equitable in the investments we make in our communities. Taxpayers deserve a government that is effective and accountable. 


  • Use data to make decisions and allocate resources equitably

  • Streamline processes to be more citizen focused


Our communities need to be safe, environmentally friendly, provide opportunities for employment and affordable housing. We deserve communities where the residents want to live, work and play. 

  • Commercial Corridor revitalization

  • Quality housing options for working poor and middle class

  • Improve outdate infrastructure


Senior Citizens are a very integral part of our community. Therefore, we must protect our Seniors; and in doing so I will, introduce legislation and promote policies that protect Seniors from unscrupulous business practices.

  • Provide fair housing

  • Support caregivers

  • Reduce medical expenses 

  • Eliminate personal income tax burden in retirement.  

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