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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of our systems and the need for better public health preparedness, planning, and coordination. Every aspect of life has been turned upside down – our jobs, education, child care, food systems, housing, health care, and more. 

As we continue to grapple with loss, grief, and the trauma from this experience, we must reflect on what we must do to better protect our children, families, seniors, and those most vulnerable in our communities. 

As an experienced public health professional, I will advocate for the following:

  • Investment in our public health infrastructure to better prepare for the next public health threat;

  • Ensuring that our housing, employment, social services, and other systems are easier to utilize and more accessible for residents;

  • Expanding access to high-quality broadband service that is accessible and affordable.


Our health is largely driven by factors like income, education, where we live, access to food, transportation, and access to affordable and high-quality health care. 

Through the Affordable Care Act, I continue to benefit from its many provisions that include coverage for well-woman visits, annual physicals, and access to prescription drug coverage. 

While many have access to healthcare, it is not accessible to all. As a public health professional, I will continue to be an advocate for the following:

  • Expand access to affordable and high-quality healthcare, including preventative and specialty services;


  • Eliminate persistent health disparities related to chronic diseases, maternal and child health outcomes, and mental health;

  • Lower costs for prescription drugs; and

  • Lead with equity to ensure community needs and special needs are prioritized.


Our children deserve a high-quality education that creates a safe, healthy, and supportive environment where they can thrive. 

We can no longer accept low expectations of our youth and poor learning conditions to be the standard. To create world-class public schools, I will advocate for the following:

  • Invest in needed capital improvements for school buildings and prioritize them where they are needed most;

  • Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, administrators, paraeducators, and staff who reflect the diversity of the community; and

  • Provide wrap-around support services for students and their families that prioritize their social and emotional wellbeing.


We are at a pivotal point to protect our environment. The science is clear: the climate is changing. While Maryland has taken steps to reduce these emissions by 25 percent from a 2006 baseline by 2020, the latest science says that we need to do more. 

We must advance an equitable and progressive strategy that will pass on a world with clean air and clean energy for future generations. As an environmental justice advocate, I will:

  • Create greater connectivity for biking, walking, and access to public transportation;

  • Invest and expand green job infrastructure and renewable energy sources;

  • Protect our State and County watersheds like the Chesapeake, to improve their health and resiliency; and

  • Advance equitable development and access to healthy homes and green spaces.


Older adults 65+ are pillars of our community and continue to make significant contributions. Baltimore County’s 65+ population is growing, which requires our communities to be age-friendly and designed for people to age in place. 

In addition to a growing population, there are growing needs, which we have an opportunity to address. As the granddaughter of the late Rev. Clinton & Mozelle Colbert and Eddie & Mary White, I will advocate for:

  • Improve consumer protections to prevent older adults from being victimized by predatory businesses and people;

  • Design our communities that are safe, accessible, and comfortable for residents to get around and live independently; and

  • Support wrap-around services for older adults who may have health challenges, maybe disconnected from families, or face financial hardship.

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